Société Financière Africaine de Crédit Ltd

The Société Financière Africaine de Crédit (SOFIA CREDIT) is one of the key players in the Central African Republic's Microfinance sector.

Approved by COBAC (the Central African Banking Commission) in 2008, SOFIA CREDIT officially began its operations in March 2009 in Bangui and aims to establish its network across all the country by 2015.  

By the end of June 2010, three branches will be operational in the provinces, making SOFIA CREDIT the country's second largest bank in terms of geographical coverage after ECOBANK.  

In order to meet a large and growing local demand, SOFIA CREDIT currently offers its customers a broad range of financial products and services: Savings, Loans, Rapid Money transfers, foreign currency exchange, means of payment (cheque book), which will be diversified in time (leasing , ATMs, payment and credit card, mobile banking, micro-insurance)

Indeed, the stable and secure environment in Central African Republic promotes from now on the return of investors and the start of industrial activities in key sectors such as uranium, oil, energy and cement

The microfinance as a tool for development, and SOFIA CREDIT in particularly, fits into this dynamic with an investment plan in a short or medium term.

In this context, and in order to guarantee the organisation's financial profitability, SOPHIA CREDIT's board of directors is offering one or several investors the opportunity for taking part in this ambitious program based on a secure and dynamic partnership.  

The conditions of the partnership will be fixed shortly. For the meanwhile the entire investment plan 2010-2012 is available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any more detail, the whole SOFIA CREDIT’s team will be pleased to respond.  

COBAC Approval – RCC of Bangui N° CA/ BG 2007/ B714
With a Bord of Directors and
Share Capital: 50,000,000 FCFA